Patrick & Co is a family owned office supply company with a 145 year history in San Francisco.


We have two retail locations in downtown San Francisco and a great web site that features over 30,000 items available for next day delivery in the continental United States



Our corporate offices are located at:


560 Market Street, 2nd Floor


San Francisco, CA 94105


Phone: 415-392-2640


Fax: 415-591-0773







Over 145 Years in San Francisco


In 1873, San Francisco was receiving clipper ships from the Orient, rail car ferries from California's interior and new firms were popping up like weeds in the sand dunes. Patrick & Co., its forerunners Moise-Klinker Company, put its first sign out saying “BUSINESS SUPPLIES AND RUBBER STAMPS”. Twenty years later JAMES M. PATRICK, encouraged by the Mid-Winter Fair of 1893 and its associated good economy launched Patrick & Co in a small room at 318 California Street selling rubber stamps, signs and related products.


It was during that time that Mr. Patrick could be seen on the train traveling as far north as Eureka and into the developing San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys looking for orders. He would return with his hands full of orders and his employees to manage.


In 1906, the company was located in a three-floor building at 111 Sansome Street. That year's earthquake left the goods thrown in a heap on the floor. Then came the fire which destroyed the building. Fortunately, James M. Patrick managed to escape with some company papers. He set up an office in his home in San Francisco and within two days he had equipment rolling to him from Los Angeles and Chicago. In 30 days a new factory and office was established on Pine Street.


As new buildings were being built downtown after the earthquake, Mr. Patrick moved quickly to once again be close to his customer base. The front portion of a building at 560 Market Street was occupied by Patrick & Co and later the firm grew and occupied the rear portion of the building. In 1920 Patrick & Co purchased the entire building which is still the location of its flagship store and headquarters.


It was in the 1930’s that Howard Patrick took over the reigns as the second-generation leader of Patrick & Co. He purchased Moise-Klinker Company in the thirties and had worked in all the areas of the business; selling, marketing, producing, delivering and managing. In 1950 the Patrick & Moise-Klinker Company's name was changed to just Patrick& Co.


As rubber stamps were sold, it became apparent that office supplies were a natural fit. Expansion continued in this area during the' 1950's and 1960's. Morgan & Barclay, Modern Wholesale Stationers, A.R Cord ray and H.M. Nutter were all added to the company's presence in the office supplies market in Northern California.


In 1967, James M. Patrick III joined the firm. Like his grandfather, Jim also worked in all areas including marketing, selling and order filling. Republic Engraving and Designing Company was purchased along with Congdon & Chrome, Inc. in Palo Alto soon after. This reinforced PATRICK & CO-'s position in both the printing plate market and the office supplies market.


In 1997, JAMIE PATRICK joined the firm adding to our commercial sales department. He continues to blaze new trails for PATRICK & CO. as we bring a 4th generation Patrick "on-line".


In 2002, PATRICK & CO launched their first website,, which expanded our commercial sales department. This allowed our customers to order online, as well as by phone or fax.


In 2017 Patrick & Co, under the leadership of Jim and Jamie Patrick, continues to remember its roots and move into another generation of customer service with a brand new website that allows customers to order there rubbers stamps and signs from anywhere.